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About Us

Our goal is to provide you with a superior quality preserved specimens at the lowest price when you need it!

For your safety and satisfaction, each preserved specimen undergoes a TRIPLE QUALITY CONTROL: 
prior to preservation to make sure specimen is intact; after the curing process to check if curing was complete; and prior to shipping ensuring the highest quality available.

All of our preserved specimens are GUARANTEED for one year in their original packaging. If you have any problem for any reason, please just contact us.

We also offer FREE DISPOSAL of all specimens that have been purchased from us. Simply pay to have the items shipped back to us, clearly marking "Disposal" on the package.

All schools and teachers are approved for open accounts with payment due within 30 days of each invoice. We also accept school purchase orders as well as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards for your convenience.

We are happy to provide you with quotes as well as submit bids if your school utilizes a bid/vendor system. Just contact us so we know your available budget or so we can apply and join your vendor list.

With each dissection, we want our customers - and your students - to have an exciting and pleasant learning experience. Please contact us with any suggestions, to resolve any issues or to help us improve our service.