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Animal Kingdom Survey Set


Product Description

Animal Kingdom Survey Set - contains 12 rikers

(specimens may vary)

#1 Porifera   -   spongilla, scypha, chalina, commercial sponge

#2 Cnidaria   -   jellyfish, hard coral, soft coral, anemone

#3 Mollusca   -   Pectin, snail, chiton, squid

#4 Annelida   -   leech, scale worm, earthworm

#5 Echinodermata   -   starfish, brittle star, sand dollar, sea cucumber, sea urchin

#6 Myriapoda   -   centipede, millipede

#7 Chelicerata   -   tick, spider, scorpion, horseshoe crab

#8 Insects 1   -   grasshopper, cicada, beetle, butterfly, water bug

#9 Insects 2   - mayfly, hornet, horse fly, dragonfly, stonefly 

#10 Crustacea   -   pill bug, barnacle, shrimp, crab

#11 Vertebrata   -   Seahorse, tadpole, red-eared turtle

#12 Integuments   -   exoskeleton, shell, scale, feather, quill, hair

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